3D Laser Scanning

ESP 's newest service emerges from the integration of our proven experience in the disciplines of field surveying and engineering with state-of-the-art 3-D laser scanning methods.

Also referred to as ground-based lidar or terrestrial lidar, this cutting-edge technology allows us to collect spatial data from a site, structure or object rapidly and remotely. The information from a 3-D scan provides extremely accurate (6mm at 50 meters, 2mm modeled) data in the form of an XYZ point cloud that can easily be modeled, geo-referenced and surveyed electronically, used to create contours and TINs, or exported into CAD software.

As with our previous success with GPS technology, ESP intends to implement this new service in ways that not only supplement and enhance our existing practice, but that address new problems and encourage innovation.

3-D Scanning Applications:

  • Site & engineering surveys
  • Actual, accurate as-builts
  • Detailed intersection surveys for traffic studies
  • Volumes and area calculations
  • Topographic and detail surveys
  • Fabrication & construction inspection
  • Quantity surveys
  • Conceptual design checking
  • Manufacturing & reverse engineering
  • Historical & legal archive
  • Real-world 3-D modeling and visualization
  • Forensic documentation
  • Highly Accurate DTM's for hydroplaning analysis

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