Water Resources

Why ESP?

The ESP staff consists of skilled and experienced water resource engineers, GIS and survey professionals that provide proven quality and project execution. We have a long history and proven track record of experience with Storm Water Inventory. ESP has a complete understanding of the mapping project approach, and we use state of the art GIS based automated hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software. ESP also employs ArcGIS ModelBuilder technology to perform iterative routines associated with the development of GIS DFIRM database features. These automated routines allow for a high level of quality and process control and the ability to efficiently manage complex, large-scale mapping projects.

Project Spotlight:

Stormwater Inventory and Mapping Services - Horry County
ESP was responsible for inventory data collection for all stormwater structures (channel reaches, bridges, culverts, dams, and pipes) located within the detailed workzones established throughout the Horry County. The workzone approach allowed multiple teams to collect data with no overlapping collection areas.

Project Services included defining major and minor streams, database design, watershed boundary delineation and field inventory. Field data was collected utilizing mapping grade GPS receivers linked directly to pen based tablet computers running Watershed Information system (WISE) software, an ESRI ArcView plug-in module that allows for real-time data collection, entry, mapping and modeling.

ESP used a two-pass approach to perform the infrastructure inventory. On the first pass, mapping grade GPS and Panasonic Toughbooks were used to collect and record specific attributes of infrastructure. During the second pass, Static and RTK GPS were used to obtain accurate survey control throughout project area. ESP also performed accurate surveys on previously mapped infrastructure in order to provide survey data on the NAD 83 and NAVD 88 horizontal and vertical datum, respectively.

Capabilities and Representative Services:

  • FEMA Flood Insurance Studies
  • Watershed Studies
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Floodplain Mapping
  • Watershed Master Planning
  • Flood Warning Mapping
  • Rapid Response (disaster) Floodplain Mapping and High Water Mark Surveys
  • Future Development Conditions Impact Studies
  • FEMA Map Revisions (LOMR / CLOMR / LOMA)
  • No Rise Certifications
  • Scour Assessment Studies
  • FEMA LIDAR Quality Assurance / Quality Control

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