Special Inspections

ESP has provided Special Inspection services for many years on a wide variety of projects of varying sizes and scope. Since the adoption of the Special Inspections portion of the International Building Code (IBC), ESP has become thoroughly familiar with Chapter 17 of the 2009 IBC and the 2012 IBC Codes, as well as other state-specific codes. ESP's personnel are trained extensively in the performance of Special Inspections.

Our staff routinely pursues and obtains certifications in the various inspection fields (such as concrete, asphalt, masonry, soils, steel, etc.) using the programs outlined by the International Code Council (ICC) and the National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies (NICET). In addition, ESP participates in the American Council of Independent Laboratories' (ACIL) subcommittee on special inspections, which has assisted local municipalities with the development of their special inspection program.

In order to meet project needs, ESP reviews the project plans, specifications and contract material (including the Schedule of Special Inspections provided in the project plans), and communicates with the structural engineer of record, to gain an understanding of the project's structural design. This process allows us to understand the magnitude of inspections required by the building code and design specifications so we can staff the project with the appropriate personnel.

ESP has provided testing and inspection services on numerous projects that specified Chapter 17 Special Inspections.

A few of the many special inspection services ESP provides are listed below:

  • Soil and foundation inspections
  • Reinforcing steel inspections
  • Reinforced concrete inspections
  • Post-tensioned concrete inspections
  • Wall panel/veneer inspections
  • Cold-formed steel framing inspections
  • Masonry inspections
  • Structural steel inspections
  • Steel fabrication plant inspections
  • Structural weld and/or bolt inspections
  • Fireproofing inspections
  • Wood framing inspections

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