Geotechnical Engineering

During the purchase of land or planning/design of a construction project, a major concern to an owner and/or developer is the subsurface conditions at a site. ESP provides consultative geotechnical engineering to our clients regarding subsurface conditions for the benefit of cost and proforma analysis as well as to assist in the site and building design. Our project managers are experienced with the various geotechnical challenges presented by our local geology with regard to low and high rise structures, dams/embankments, water features, pavement systems, slopes/walls, etc.

Using drill rigs, CPT rigs, excavating equipment, shear wave analysis equipment, and other means, ESP's field explorations are conducted under the constant supervision of our project management staff. Data is recorded electronically in the field and transferred to our GIS database along with available GPS coordinate information. Soil testing and analysis are performed in our AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) accredited laboratories.

Geotechnical engineering analysis and recommendations are provided by our experienced staff of engineers and senior engineers. Our final reports are created with the intention of providing analysis presented in a format that is easily understood by the variety of people that will use our information.

ESP has the unique advantage of being able to easily and seamlessly incorporate our subsurface-related recommendations into the planning and design phases of a project. In addition, areas of concern such as boring locations, test pit locations and areas of unsuitable soils are easily field surveyed in-house by ESP.

A few of the many conditions and structures for which ESP routinely provides recommendations are listed below:

  • Expansive soil problem solving
  • Soil modification through chemical treatment
  • Rock characterization and excavation consultation
  • Site dewatering systems
  • Subgrade evaluations
  • Seismic site classification and design category analysis
  • Shallow foundation recommendations and evaluations
  • Deep foundation recommendations and monitoring
  • Alternative foundation and soil improvement consultation
  • Potential settlement analysis and estimation
  • Slab subgrade support and consultation
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Embankment seepage analysis
  • Pile load testing and analysis
  • Pavement design/rehabilitation evaluation
  • Dam evaluation and analysis
  • Value engineering through project document review

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