ESP has been an innovator in Geomatics since 1986. Since 2000, ESP has extended this innovative company culture with our GIS/Geospatial service line. By leveraging current GIS technology and methodology, we exceed our clients' goals, requirements, and expectations. We are continually exploring new software/hardware, techniques, and methodologies that push the boundaries of industry standards.

Data Development/Inventory Services
  • Infrastructure Inventory
  • Database/System Design
  • Asset Management
  • Data Conversion, Acquisition, Maintenance
  • Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR Acquisition

  • Geographic Analytical Services
  • Locational/Site Analysis
  • Land-use Analysis
  • Network Accessibility
  • Site Development Feasibility
  • Spatial/Temporal Correlation

  • GIS Application and Web Systems
    GIS Infrastructure Development
    Cartographic Product Development

    Practical Utility and Storm Water Inventory Solutions
  • Geometric Network Modeling
  • Condition Assessment Data Capture
  • Mapping Display and Analysis of facilities, assets, and infrastructure
  • Utility network inventory classification
  • Asset life-cycle monitoring
  • Field access to geographically referenced infrastructure
  • High precision survey data collection
  • Relational database management

  • Innovation and Technology
    ESP uses the ArcGIS Server Platform to maintain a corporate enterprise solution to GIS. ArcGIS Server allows ESP to centrally organize, maintain, and distribute GIS data, maps, and geo-processing routines.
  • Built in security and quality control measures,
  • The ability to support the concurrent multiuser editing environment,
  • GIS Model Development, which streamlines and automates geo-processing routines allowing for efficient and cost-saving geospatial problems.

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