Construction Engineering and Inspection

ESP’s construction engineering and inspection (CEI) and construction management (CM) professionals work diligently on the owner’s behalf to ensure their construction project is built as intended. As an owner’s representative, CEI professionals will observe construction practices and work with the contractor and owner to correct issues prior to construction. Simple things like a misplaced silt fence or an incorrectly installed curb and gutter form can lead to major issues during the construction process. Improper use of construction materials like standard rebar over specified epoxy coated rebar on a bridge project could jeopardize the life span of a bridge and the safety of the public. While all field staff are qualified to monitor construction activities and develop the required paperwork, ESP’s detail-oriented CEI personnel are cross-trained in multiple construction categories allowing them to view the overall goals of a project and provide guidance as necessary.

ESP provides CEI and CM services to state departments of transportation, local municipalities and governmental agencies where our primary responsibility is to monitor all work performed by the contractor, record all pertinent information, and ensure that the project is constructed with-in close conformity with approved plans and specifications. It is our objective, however, to assist in achieving a higher standard through early delivery of an outstanding project while ensuring the safety of the traveling public. Our continued achievement of this objective has resulted in a higher level of trust from our clients – a trust level we will always work diligently to maintain.

CEI Service Areas:

  • Dam safety inspections
  • Highway and Bridge Construction
  • Heavy and Light Rail Construction
  • Toll ways
  • Municipal Trails
  • Intelligent Transportation systems
  • Design Build
  • General Bid Build
  • Public Private Partnerships (P3)

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