Petroleum and Natural Gas

Colonial Pipeline Company
Colonial's more than 5,500 miles of underground pipeline deliver petroleum products to 13 states and the District of Columbia across the South and Eastern US. When the pipe was originally laid, most of it was in rural areas. As development has occurred, new construction had to co-exist with infrastructure like pipelines. As a result, considerable planning is necessary to make sure safety occurs. ESP has helped Colonial on a number of such projects. Colonial has used various aspects of our surveying services, including locations surveys for design, property surveys, right-of-way acquisition and condemnation plat preparation, alignment sheet and crossing permit plan preparation, construction staking and as-built surveys for the following projects:

  • Raleigh-Durham International Airport – 8” jet fuel line relocation for construction of the new entry road flyover and parking deck.
  • Fairfax County, VA – 36” relocation for new highway construction.
  • Danville, VA - 32” & 36” relocation for new highway construction.
  • High Point, NC – 36” & 40” relocation for construction of U.S. Highway 311.
  • Greensboro, NC – 36” & 40” relocation for construction of Bryan Boulevard.

  • Colonial Pipeline Company Storage Facilities
    An average of 100 million gallons a day flows into and out of storage facilities, or tank farms, on Colonial’s system. These storage tanks require routine maintenance and refurbishment programs. As a part of this process, foundation surveys, hydro testing surveys, and bulge monitoring were provided by ESP for tanks in the Belton and Spartanburg, SC and the Charlotte, NC facilities.

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