Highways and Bridges

Brookhaven Development Bridge
ESP provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services for a creek crossing that was comprised of a multiple span bottomless arch-culvert bridge structure. ESP provided soil test borings, laboratory analysis, tri-axial shear testing and engineering analysis for soil-related bridge design needs.

During construction, ESP provided foundation bearing materials evaluations, backfill monitoring and testing, reinforcing steel inspection, concrete testing and inspection and testing of the aggregate base course and asphalt materials.

House Creek Greenway Bridge No. 1
ESP provided geotechnical subsurface exploration and deep foundation pile analysis for the project, which consists of a double span, approximately 106-foot-long cored-slab pedestrian bridge supported by HP steel piles designed to North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) specifications. The pedestrian bridge is to connect with the Lake Boone Trail by crossing House Creek. The analysis consisted of performing additional subsurface explorations and determination of axial capacities, as well as lateral capacities for the project. Lateral pile response analysis was performed using the finite difference computer program LPILE Plus for Windows.

Geotechnical challenges included relatively shallow pile lengths at the interior bent that required additional recommendations including Pile Excavation, which consists of installation of piles into pre-augered holes within weathered rock to increase lateral stability and battered piles.

Wilmington Bypass
Responsible for the construction staking of the Wilmington Bypass (R-2633 CA and R-2633CC) in Wilmington, North Carolina. Duties include surveying the clearing limits, slope staking, storm drainage structures, wick drains, overhead signs, pavement, grades, super-elevation and wetland boundaries.

Level 3 Handhole GPS Locations - Charlotte, NC to Greensboro, NC
Collected mapping grade GPS positions on designated pipeline handhole marker posts, intermediate marker posts and road crossings along a pipeline route from Charlotte to Greensboro.

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