Commercial and Retail

Continental Tire
The Continental Tire project consisted of the construction of a 70,000 square-foot office/warehouse facility, associated parking, loading docks and infrastructure. The project required more than 40 feet of cut and up to 30 feet of structural fill.

ESP provided geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and special inspection services. Geotechnical challenges included shallow ground water, soft alluvial soils and excessive settlement potential. Geotechnical services included soil test borings, laboratory testing services and recommendations and analyses for suitability of fill soils, slope stability, site dewatering, shallow foundations and anticipated settlements. Special inspection and materials testing services included subgrade evaluations, undercut monitoring, field density testing, settlement monitoring, foundation evaluations, concrete inspection and testing, and structural steel welded and bolted connection inspection.

King's Grant
ESP is currently providing geotechnical services for a second entrance to Phase 2 of The Circle at Concord Mills. ESP performed soil test borings to evaluate existing soil conditions. Challenges include 15+ feet of soft alluvial soils which will require 30 feet of fill to be placed upon them. ESP provided several options to reduce the potential for long-term and differential settlements of the fill and allow for adequate support of the planned roadway and bridge alignment. ESP also plans to provide materials testing and inspection services for the planned approach roadway, proposed bridge and the planned phase 2 of the referenced apartment complex. Our testing services will include subgrade evaluations, geotextile placement monitoring, stone bridge lift monitoring, density testing of fill soils, monitoring of deep foundations, concrete testing of foundation and bridge decking concrete, reinforcing and structural steel inspection, pavement material testing, post-tensioned slab inspections, masonry testing/inspection, etc.

(1998 - 1999) ESP provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services during the land development of the property known as Kings Grant (across the street from today?s Concord Mills mall). Geotechnical services included evaluating the existing soil conditions through soil test borings, test pit excavations and rock rig drilling for the proposed construction. Our evaluations included allowable soil bearing pressures, anticipated subgrade stability/suitability, determining anticipated rock quantities for blasting, consultation regarding unsuitable soil placement, etc. During grading operations, ESP provided materials testing including subgrade evaluations, undercut observations, field density testing and rock quantifications.

(2006) ESP provided additional subsurface exploration services to evaluate the existing soil conditions for a proposed thoroughfare, townhome site and retail center (including Wal-Mart). Our evaluation consisted of additional soil test borings and test pit observations. Our services included consultation regarding previously placed unsuitable materials on the site, allowable soil bearing pressure analysis, anticipated structural settlement analysis, etc. Concerns included uncontrolled fill, presence of organic materials and buried boulders. ESP provided cost effective solutions for dealing with the unsuitable soil conditions.

(2008 - 2009) ESP provided materials testing and special inspection services for the apartment complex and retail center (including Wal-Mart). The project involved evaluation of old fill, buried boulders, buried organic debris and high plasticity clays. Testing and Inspection services were provided for the soils, concrete, post-tensioned slabs, masonry, paving, etc.

Wal-Mart, Shoppes at Garner
ESP performed construction materials testing and special inspection services for this new Wal-Mart store. The project consisted of testing and inspection of fill materials, proposed subgrades, utilities, pavement, concrete, reinforcing and structural steel, masonry, grout and mortar for the new retail store.

AmeriSuites Hotel
ESP's geotechnical engineering department performed a subsurface exploration for the planned 16-story (4-level parking deck, 12-level hotel) structure. The exploration included soil test borings extended to depths of sixty feet. ESP also provided shallow foundation, deep foundation and dewatering recommendations.

Walmart Distribution Center
ESP Associates' geotechnical engineering and materials testing department provided a number of services for this 1.2 million-square-foot facility located in Shelby, North Carolina.

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