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Officer Jeff Shelton Memorial Park
Officer Jeff Shelton Memorial Park was built to honor fallen Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Officer, Jeff Shelton. More than $1 million in donations and labor was received to build the park which includes features such as a dog park, waterfall, butterfly garden, outdoor amphitheater and playground, all elements that Jeff would have enjoyed. The park also includes a memorial plaza area to reflect on Officer Shelton's life.

Working closely with Officer Shelton's family and the City of Locust, ESP designed the park to be a true reflection on how the hero lived his life. Former employee Lance Lindsey spearheaded the efforts for ESP to be a proud member of the team of volunteers who helped turn some modest land in Locust, North Carolina, into one of the region's most inviting parks.

zMax Dragway
The "Bellagio of drag strips" as it is known, is the only four-lane dragway on the national cirecuit and one of three tracks on the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series to have an entirely concrete quarter-mile. Numerous professional services were provided for the new zMAX Dragway project for Speedway Motorsports, Inc. First, the limits of the property to be constructed upon were verified by establishing existing boundary lines. Concurrently, a topographic survey of the site was performed for use in site design efforts. While the topographic survey was being conducted, several subsurface explorations were performed for the site. Evaluations used soil boring drill rigs as well as rock blasting drill rigs to provide likely excavation characteristics for construction, bearing pressure design information for structural design, seismic design category information for structural and mechanical design, as well as pavement subgrade design information.

Upon completion of these data collection and analysis operations, work began with the Owner during conceptual design phases to determine the appropriate location for a drag racing facility within an approximately 500-acre site. Conceptual designs also involved several meetings with NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) officials to discuss the specific requirements that a facility must achieve in order to host a racing event. Full civil design and permitting services including site plan requirements, grading, erosion and sedimentation control, utility design and permanent storm water management were provided for the drag racing facility while incorporating details from NHRA, building architects and grandstand architects. Large storm water management ponds were incorporated into the site to accommodate approximately 50 acres of paved surface drainage. Our services.

During the final stages of the design process , the project construction began and construction layout for the grading, structures and pavement was provided throughout.. Around the clock (24/7 schedule) special inspection and testing services, including testing and inspection of soil, foundations, reinforcing steel, concrete, structural steel, fireproofing, stone, asphalt, etc. was performed as needed based on the construction schedule during grading and building construction in order to verify compliance with the project plans and specifications. Floor flatness testing along the entire concrete section of the drag way drive lanes was performed. In addition, while building and track construction was underway, our high density laser scanning services were utilized to scan building sections to assist the contractor with construction of structures, facades, etc.

As the project neared completion, as-built surveys of the utilities and select portions of the facility were performed in order to meet permit requirements and aid in future maintenance and modifications.

In the end, the project consisted of the movement of approximately 1.2 million cubic yards of structural fill soil, construction of approximately 15,400 feet of dragway race and shutdown lanes, erection of two large seating areas (grandstands) and construction of a luxury control tower behind the starting gate. These facilities were all constructed with scheduling precision in an approximately seven-month timeframe

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